P90X Day 49 and Insanity Day 14

Well I tried to do Pure Cardio early, after basically little to no sleep, and that didn’t happen. But here is my post from Instagram which basically sums up my day. What a day!!! 1⃣I sprained my thumb :30 into the #basketball game today. Refs sucked. I got a #technicalfoul. Whoops. 2⃣I semi-crushed #insanity #purecardio [...]


P90X Day 48 and Insanity Day 13 – Forced Rest Day

So today I had a basketball game and got some decent cardio in, but couldn’t make my workout work in the schedule. Plus it was my smokin hot wife’s birthday so we had some incredible festivities at night. I’m cool with that! I did try to get my pure cardio done but I just couldn’t [...]


P90X Day 47 and Insanity Day 12

I seriously felt like a boss for my P90X legs and back workout. Even more, I got up early and did my Insanity Plyo in a fasted state, meaning on an empty stomach. With about 5 hours between workouts, it was the perfect break. And I fueled up according to my goals too. All this [...]

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Shakeology Frozen Pops

Healthy Frozen Pops for Kids I have always struggled to get my son to eat healthy. He’s a kid after all! There are so many nutrients and things his body needs that his picky habits aren’t going to supply. I don’t expect him to drink a health shake every day or juice his own vegetables [...]


Insanity Challenge Pack – Save $90

Http://tinyurl.com/insanitycp I’m halfway through #insanity and shedding bodyfat like crazy. If you are interested in taking the Insanity challenge with me as your coach, contact me ASAP! In April only, you can save $90 on the Insanity challenge pack. ONLY contact me of you are serious about increasing your athletic performance or shedding serious bodyfat!! [...]

FOCUS T25 Workout: Get Better Results by Doing Shorter Workouts with T25 - Beachbody.com - Header

Focus T25 – New Fitness Program from Insanity’s Shaun T

INTRODUCING FOCUS T25™ So I made it my mission to create a workout program that would get your body looking like you’d spent hours at the gym…in only 25 minutes a day—less time than you’d spend driving to and from the gym! FOCUS T25 is that workout. So how can I get you such amazing [...]

The War on Debt

Oh NO. I Have a LOT of Financial Lessons to Learn.

I say this as motivation for others and not just for myself. I have been really intensely looking at our finances and just listened to Dani Johnson’s War on Debt. She said a few things that resonated with me and like Lauren Knight said, we found that we could be putting a substantial amount of money [...]

Be Bold - Kevin Knight High School Sports

The Importance Of Taking Risks in Life

I’ve been thinking about this for a while because it meant so much to me at the time. Long story, but I will make it short. When I was in high school (years ago!) I was a cocky and overly confident young man when it came to a lot of things but mostly sports. I [...]